The Cabinet

The Cabinet of Foreign Affairs of Goiás was instituted on January 31ˢᵗ, 2001, by Decree No. 5,356 (in Portuguese) as an organ linked to the Governor’s Civil Cabinet. It is responsible for the attraction of foreign investments, agreements and bilateral cooperation and consular and paradiplomatic matters.

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Welcome Letter

Since its creation in 2001, the Cabinet of Foreign Affairs of Goiás, linked to the Secretariat of the Civil House and subordinated to the Chief-Executive of Goiás, consolidated its vocation in assisting in the resolution of demands from many social and productive segments of Goiás, as well as in charge of articulating with the other agencies of the State and entities, with foreign repsentations, always geared towards serving the interests of the State and its citizens.

The actions, as well as the degree of professionalism achieved by its team, are indicative of the commitment of our performance, not only geared to economic interests, but also to cultural and educational interests for the development of the State of Goiás.

The population is served through paradiplomacy, notably in the reception and assistance of families of Goiás victims abroad, according to the formal authorization printed in State Law No. 17,107/2010 (in Portuguese), without losing sight of the support of the population in other situations that directly involve the interests of people that arrive here, and in these cases, referring people to the government’s competent agencies.

What we do

The Cabinet of Foreign Affairs, due to its exceptionality in the national territory, performs a consular and paradiplomatic work towards the Goiás society as a whole, in order to effect the name of the State nationally and internationally. It is subordinated to the Secretary of State of the Civil House and has as attributions:

  • Scheduling official trips of the Governor abroad;
  • Organizing the Governor's hearings to diplomatic agents and foreign personalities;
  • Planning and executing travel planning of Heads of State and foreign personalities to Goiás;
  • Publicizing the potential of the State abroad, as well as the culture and customs of Goiás;
  • Detecting international opportunities, keeping the agenda updated on fairs and many other events;
  • Maintaining direct communication with Itamaraty, aiming at harmonizing procedures in relations with foreign countries Maintaining relations with other countries, through the respective Embassies, aiming at the exchange with Goiás;

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